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Recording Singer/Songwriters

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It often seems cliche when you hear a person at a party or social event tell you that they are a singer/songwriter. Among groups of musicians, this can be perceived as a number of things.  Perhaps the artist’s skill set lies within his/her ability to simply write song content. Another artist may be a good songwriter, but has yet to find band mates that suite his/her vision.  In some cases, it may be one or the other.  A person can write great songs but fails at expressing them in a way that appeals to others, or an artist may be a great singer, but lacks the content to appeal to others.

Regardless, I find this type of artist to be one of my favorite to work with.  If you are able to hear a song in its rawest form and absorb the story that goes along with it, you hold something that allows you to keep the song pure all the way to the post production side of things, despite of the number of peers, producers, or musicians involved later on.  Once you’re involved in a recording of a single artist and instrument, you can’t help but do anything other than try to capture that moment, in that room, with that mic, on that day, and not taint it with digital reverb, auto tune, and the natural instinct to clean it all up.  If you expect the artist to try and re-live the moments and feelings they had when those lines poured from their head, then they should expect you to capture it in that way as well.  So next time you’re sitting in your favorite spot, whether it be with strings, keys, or brass in your hand, don’t think about how it will translate to tape, think about how it will translate to the soul.

-Posted by Josh Woodhouse

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