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Austin Recording Studio in Action!

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These last two months at Droplink Recording Studios have produced a successful start to an exciting fall season. We’ve lived up to what Droplink Productions is all about, giving our current clients the experience they deserve and forward thinking.

In August, we kicked it off recording Austin based psychobilly/rock band ‘Low Down Shaky Chill’. The band’s blend of punk, rock, psychobilly, and all around antics put Owner and Chief Engineer, Josh Woodhouse, back in a comfortable place and really got the energy going around the studio.

During that month, we also enjoyed working with Recording Engineer and Producer David Wells on his album with Austin rock/metal band ‘Tombstone Union’.   And, in turn, enjoyed seeing their performance with our clients ‘Dead Earth Politics’ at Dirty Dog Bar on 6th street in downtown Austin.

Droplink Studios finished out the month of August with a full length album for country music artist Mo Nelson. Josh was chief engineer and producer, with Hunter St. Marie acting as assistant engineer and co-producer. Hunter also played a primary position on the album as drummer and guitarist. This was a fun session and worthy of a blog all of its own, so we’ll get you one once Mo flies down for final mixing in October.

September was the start of some new relationships as Hunter worked with Americana/Country, singer/songwriter Mike Jeeter and began pre-production on his new album. We also were happy to begin recording with Bluegrass/Americana/Roots artist John Downing, of whom won our raffle at the Austin Music Foundation boot camp in August.

Another great artist of whom we have thoroughly enjoyed working with is singer/songwriter Allison Packhart. Allison has one of the most beautiful voices that Josh has had a pleasure of recording in a while. We can’t wait to continue her record, with some great guest artists stopping by to lend their talents.

In addition to singer/songwriters, the studio had some Austin hip/hop artists, as well as some Galveston hip/hop artists, either finishing up records or getting started. Josh worked with ‘Mista Young Gold’ out of Austin on mastering two singles for the launch of some new material. Josh also began work with artist ‘Jermaine’ on pre-production for his next project. Hunter spent some man-hours producing and arranging the beats and tracking all the vocals for what would become Galveston hip/hop artist ‘Jeff Jones’ new album.

And as we move into October, we’re doing so in a very progressive manner. Austin Audio Engineer and Producer, Craig Sadler, has officially joined the Droplink Studios team and has immediately proven his worth. Craig is currently working with Austin artist Josh Britt on his upcoming projects. Craig has also jumped right on board with Owner Josh and Artist Relations and Media Director Lacey Morgan to begin some new and exciting projects.

Droplink Recording Studios in Austin, Texas is one to keep your eye on this year. Keep in touch and let us know your thoughts and feedback on any and all of our work.  And be sure to check out the MySpace links below of some of our current clients.


Low Down Shaky Chill

Tombstone Union

Dead Earth Politics

Country music artist Mo Nelson

Singer/songwriter Josh Britt

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