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Austin Recording Studio Update: New Addition to the Droplink Team

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Well we’re halfway into October and Droplink Studios is running at full steam. We are proud to announce that we picked up a new addition to the Droplink team. Craig Sadler has officially jumped on board with us, taking on the role as Droplink Studios Operations and Project Manager. He is also a reputable recording engineer and producer who has already succeeded in making his mark in the Austin music scene and will no doubt prove to be invaluable to our studio. Welcome aboard Craig! We’re thrilled to have your talents at hand!

Craig is currently finishing final mix revisions on Austin rock band Conquistador’s new full length record. It will be headed to mastering within the next week or two so stay tuned for more details on the CD release and where to purchase your copy.

Craig is also wrapping up final punches and auxiliary recording for Aqua Jones’ newest EP “Weatherman.” This EP will be mastered by the legendary Grammy award winning mastering engineer, Howie Weinberg of Masterdisk Studios in NYC. Needless to say, these songs will sound amazing!

Finally, to all VAST fans, Jon Crosby and Craig are beginning talks for the next VAST project. We can’t say much more than that right now, but you should be getting excited!


One Response to “Austin Recording Studio Update: New Addition to the Droplink Team”
  1. max clarey says:

    that’s great, he can only make a great team better, I love the stuff you are releasing. I love droplink material keep it up, look forward to more!!

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