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A Month (or Three) in the Life of a Recording Studio in Austin, Texas

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Droplink Recording Studios in Austin, Texas has been on the move this last quarter and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. We figured we’d give our fans, friends, and clients (past, present, and future) some insight into our last few months…

We wrapped up February with one of the freshest projects of the year for Droplink Studios owner, chief engineer, & producer, Josh Woodhouse. The client was Speaker Thieves. Front man, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, approached Josh earlier in the year to master some old and new tracks for the group that had been neglected. Soon after, Patrick returned to the studio. With the help of the band members, some local Austin talent, including Tameca Jones on vocals, Dane Farnsworth (Mingo Fishtrap) on keys, and Josh himself, they went to work. What would become of it all was a new album for the Speaker Thieves. Droplink Studios was able to get a pre-release album completed in time for SXSW 2011, where it received very good reception. We here were all happy to be a part of some refreshing, intelligent hip-hop, with live instrumentation and soul. Cheers to the Speaker Thieves!

During this year’s SXSW festival, we were happy to step out from behind the recording gear, (although we enjoyed recording Muse last year, without a doubt). It was nice to join the Texas Music Office at downtown club, The Ranch, for an event focused on promoting Texas music and artists during SXSW. We met some new friends and were happy to see our associates, Brian Stovall & Colin Kendrick, from Austin Music Foundation. We got a chance to thank them for the support they have shown Droplink Studios this year and for allowing us to return the favor.

We also had some great luncheons and visits to the studio from friends, Terry Hale and Nicole Bogatz, of the Austin Federation of Musicians. We will continue to support these strong and influencial groups of Texas music and look forward to working with all three in the coming year.

We were glad to have some International friends in need of our services during March. From Puerto Rico, we were able to help Reggaeton client, David Diambulante, return with some tracks that ended up getting regular play in Honduras and Puerto Rico. We also welcomed rock group, Sexy Marvin, from Monterrey, Mexico and helped with their album completion. We wish them luck on there crossover to the American charts.

Early April kicked off with us helping Austin country music artist, Shannon Reagan, complete her record. We will continue to help Shannon with her album and wish her the best on the birth of her second child. We are so happy everything went well and expect she will have an exciting year.

Along with Shannon, Droplink Studios saw things picking up rather fast. We welcomed a new recording engineer into our studio. Sam Jordan, alumni from The Recording Conservatory of Austin, joined the Droplink crew and has already been involved in a few sessions of his own (more on those later). Hunter St. Marie (recording engineer, musician, producer), of whom helped start our new facility, continued some great work inside and outside the studio with artists from near and far. Expect a blog from the man himself very soon.

Also in April, Josh Woodhouse started what will be his second biggest album of the year with The Niel Nasset Band. You’ll be hearing a lot about this band from us and the Texas music scene. We are in full production mode and are finishing up tracking as this blog is being written. We are very happy to have an alt/rock/country band in our studio that is fresh and hungry and we have very high hopes and faith in The Niel Nasset Band. Their sound is unique, yet becomes a household name, the second you put it on the speakers. Keep your eyes and your ears open for their new album to be released soon.

In late April, Josh was happy to get to work with some old friends and long time clients again this month. Austin metal band Dead Earth Politics hired Droplink Studios to record their live metal show at Emo’s with some metal / thrash legends. The Blood Royale opened the show and, as always, did an amazing job. San Antonio metal band, HOD, kept true to their guns and rocked the crowd into a death metal sway. After Dead Earth Politics, two long running legends played, including Texas thrash metal pioneers, Rigor Mortis, and the show headliner being New Orleans thrash metal gods, Exhorder. The show was amazing and we were very happy to get some of it on tape.

Droplink Studios also found themselves involved in some great live Texas metal and rock recordings, including Austin rock bands Meganaut, High Watt Crucifixers, and Austin progressive rock / metal band Blackholicus. Expect many more to come from us this summer.

So onto May…we hit head first with projects on the books from beginning to end. Droplink engineer, Sam Jordan, has been working with Austin rock band Hyde Park Showdown on what is sure to be some of their best material yet. Sam also worked with Austin rock/blues band, Burning Avalanche. Following that, Sam recently recorded The Eric Tessmer Band, with Josh Woodhouse acting as assistant engineer. The recording was for the “Samsung Battle of the Bands” to promote the new Samsung 4G. Check out the live video here:

Bo Smith, owner of South Sound Productions and a Droplink engineer, producer, and writer, was busy this month as well. Bo brought in Louisiana country artist, Chris Canterbury. Chris recorded an EP at Droplink Studios and is looking forward to having Cody Canada from Cross Canadian Ragweed make a cameo on the upcoming album. Chris made good use of time during his short stay in Austin. He opened a show at Saxon Pub in Austin and got some production advice from Texas songwriter/producer Walt Wilkins. Bo will also be hosting a cancer benefit concert in Arcadia, LA, featuring Jason Boland and the Stragglers, on May 27th. To find out about ticket sales or make a donation to the cause for 14 year old Brittany Clampit, please visit:

And off we go into the summer with an already smashing start on some outstanding albums. We will keep you up to date on album releases, concerts, and press from any and all of our great clients. We want to thank everyone listed for believing in us and having faith in our new recording studio, right here in the live music capitol of the world.




19 Responses to “A Month (or Three) in the Life of a Recording Studio in Austin, Texas”
  1. Matt Bryant says:

    Thanks for the update! Sounds like you have been super busy and that’s great. Good to hear it.

  2. Jon C says:

    Hey brother!

    Good to hear things are going well for the studio – sounds like y’all have got quite a bit on your hands these days! Hope the summer (and the rest of 2011) keeps looking up for you!


    - j

  3. Ven Scott says:

    It was great to have worked with you again Josh! Especially in a different environment – you met and exceeded expectations again. Professionalism on site and a quick turn around with pro tracks that only bands with money to throw around might hope to ever get!

    Till next in the darkness we meet, good sir!


  4. Ya’ll feel free to leave a message down here! Cheers everybody!!

  5. Bo DePena says:

    Looks like you guys have had quite the year! Hope the rest holds some great promise. Good luck you guys! Stay tough.

  6. Adrian says:

    Awesome job!! Can’t wait to record with Droplink! Keep up the good work.

  7. Craigers says:

    I can’t think of better people for the audio engineering gods to smile upon! Much love Droplink crew! Keep up the bad ass work and we’ll see you guys on the town. Cheers

  8. jwoodhouse says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone! We appreciate all your feedback!

  9. Niel Nasset says:

    Thanks Josh and everyone at the studio. It’s been a pleasure working there and look forward to A LOT more recording.

  10. Neil says:

    Kudos to Josh and Droplink!

    Glad to hear you’ve been burning up the tape…. well, drives anyway. Keep the updates coming!

  11. Bill Gabour says:

    Josh and crew,

    Everything I have heard coming from your studio is great. Sounds like there is a lot going on for Droplink. Looking forward to hearing some of the new projects as they are completed or “in state”.

    There’s been a lot of talk about your studio and production capabilities on different blogs and by the old fashion, mouth to mouth.

    I know you will keep up the incredible quality while your clientele list continues to pile up.

    Hope to be sending you some business out of Baton Rouge soon.

    Bill Gabour

  12. Jeff Henson says:

    Great people, great gear, and great ears… what more could one want out of a recording studio? I’ve known josh for many many years now and find him to be of the highest quality as a person, as well as, engineer. Much love!


  13. jwoodhouse says:

    Well it’s people like y’all, your creativity, support, and friendship, that makes Droplink Studios what it is. It just reiterates to us how much we love what we do!

  14. Hey Josh, really glad to hear everything that’s been going down at DL. Hope the ball keeps rolling, and snowballing at that! Glad Sam’s up there too reppin’ Alabama. Ya’ll keep it up!

  15. Shannon Reagan says:

    Hey Josh! Thanks for all your help so far. I can’t wait to work with you guys more!

  16. Sandra Hutton says:

    Hey Josh. Nice site. Gonna play around and check it out for a bit. This is what I should have done with my RTF degree. But I could never keep up with you and this is mos def why. You are talented. WOot Woot!

  17. russ koe says:

    Good job Droplink!! You guys rock!! Josh, you are one determined cat.

  18. All of this activity blows me away!You are munching down on a loaded plate!To look back on meeting you for the first time showcases what a great person you are.You came to our home to evaluate Brian’s music software/hardware, and helped him along with the proper reference to make improvements.Being that you were a couple steps ahead in your pursuit in building your business, you also granted me a lot of information. I thank you for giving me a run down on proper steps and important legal needs to get everything rolling in the right direction.You quickly became another key individual in our success.We are forever thankful.There are good people in this town!Even now… endure all of my husband’s inquiries. THANK YOU!

  19. Clarios says:

    So glad to see things are going so well! Congrats guys. This seems to be the year for all of our friends in the music community.

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