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Michael Ramos & Charanga Cakewalk Present Live Score for “El Tren Fantasma”

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A key element required of any successful artist is the knowledge of fundamentals and an understanding of the technical aspects and tools used to execute that art.  Where mice and men are separated is within the artists ability to hold that fundamental knowledge in the back of their mind, ready for retrieval at any time, but taking care to balance it out so as not to let it interfere with the art itself.

I’ve yet to see a display such as this on a large theatrical stage in Austin by a more humble man.  Michael Ramos demonstrated an act of artistic brilliance as he wrote his score to El Tren Fantasma.  The canvas was a 1927 silent film, shot in Mexico.  It was directed by Gabriel Garcia Moreno and starred Clara Ibanez and Manuel de los Rios. On August 13th , 84 years later, The Paramount Theater gave Michael the opportunity to keep Mr. Moreno’s work alive.

It was a slightly tense, yet unassuming evening at The Paramount for those close to Michael.  Although Michael was nervous, as one would be, having put a great deal of artistic energy into such a magnifigant feat, all was at ease as soon as the red curtains rose.  From the opening scene, all eyes and ears couldn’t help but be drawn to what this man had laid out before us.  The next hour and a half were filled with dynamics.  From the curious opening scenes, to the more tongue and cheek moment’s, Charanga Cakewalk never skipped a beat, literally. At moments, I realized the genius behind the score, as I and others caught the appreciation for his native culture’s sense of humor.  The audience at times forgot a live band was playing at all and became so absorbed within the movie that the screen and score became one, an achievement that any true composer hopes to accomplish.  I, as a producer, recording engineer, and musician, left all of my worries behind, and for one evening was reminded why I moved to this city to begin with.  Inspiring, artistically free, and talented people such as Michael Ramos have paved the way and made Austin, Texas a place where not only are we able to express ourselves freely, but its widely encouraged.

Cheers Michael, we at Droplink Studios raise our glass to you.

- Josh Woodhouse
Droplink Studios and Productions
Owner / Producer / Chief Engineer

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