Friday, February 23, 2018


Droplink Studios is primarily a recording studio and music production house. We record, mix, and master singles, demos, and full length albums for solo musicians and bands. We specialize in walking the client through the entire process of creating an album. We stand out from most Austin based recording studio’s because we are involved in the full spectrum of audio recording and provide musicians with support that extends beyond our walls. We are one of the few recording studios that take part in the continuing success of our clients.

Upon request, we openly assist our artists in establishing a personality and sound that is unique and appealing to their demographic. In these arrangements, we focus on artist development and production before we begin to record an album.

We provide album layout and design once a record is complete. This means we provide our design ideas and implementation to the final album or DVD’s packaging and appearance.  We also provide duplication of the album and assist in marketing and distribution.  Droplink Studios is unique in the fact that we then work to improve our musicians skill sets as performers.

Recording and producing bands is a majority, but not our entire client base. We also record full orchestral and symphonic groups that range from the Grammy nominated group Conspirare to our own Austin Youth Orchestra. We work with many local high school choirs, including LBJ and Austin High.  Playing a role in the Austin education of the Arts is something we are proud to be a part of.

In addition, we record commercials for radio, as we have for stores such as Relax Josh Woodhouse working on a microphonethe Back and Helzberg Diamonds.  We have done non-profit commercial work with Cyril Neville, of the Neville Brothers, for Hurricane Katrina relief.  Since our early days, we’ve worked with local companies like Designing Profits, Inc., XL Exec., and Texas Dental Association doing instructional material and films.

Lastly, we are proud to be a part of the Austin film industry, doing sound and ADR for many local production companies. With Austin becoming a new haven for the film industry, we are prepared for a leading role in providing sound for film.

We at Droplink Studios are very passionate about all aspects of the recording and music production business. We commit to a higher quality of service, building long term relationships with all those we have the pleasure to work with, which we see manifested in our high level of return clientele.