Friday, February 23, 2018


Studio A (Production House)

Studio A is our Acoustic Tracking, Overdub, Voiceover, Mixing and Mastering Suite. This is the place where we take the time to accent and detail your product in pre & post production. We feature a nice selection of studio reference monitors so that you can hear your final product on a wide array of mediums before it ever leaves the studio. We can also run your product through analog summing and some of the best digital to analog and analog to digital converters you can get. For all of your voice over, ADR, acoustic recording sessions , and post production needs, Studio A is where it happens.

Main Tracking Studios

Our full scale recording rooms range in size from smaller acoustic rooms to larger live rooms.  We are able to accommodate a wide range of requests, live floor, tall cielings, controlled drum room, dead room, live room, a little of both, etc.  Let us know your needs and we will show you the right room for the job.



Our mobile studio rig is currently capable of running 28 tracks live.  The heart of the system is the most current ProTools running on a quad core Intel I7 MacBook Pro.  Because we decided to move out of the 90’s 12 years ago we can now record 28 tracks in a footprint small enough to fit next to front of house or in the back corner of a stage if need be.  We run the latest Focusrite interfaces and pre-amps.  The beauty of our mobile rig is that it is customizable to the clients needs.  We can bring vintage pre’s, SSL pre’s, vintage and re issue classic compressors and any other scenario you may require.  We also have a wide variety of mics available.  One thing to remember about our mobile rig is that we do more than just live recordings on stage, we can do smaller more intimate recordings in different rooms and environments like we have done for Fender and Guild Guitars in the Guild Lounge and Fender Vision online channels.  We have also recorded full albums outside the studio in rehearsal spaces or clients homes to either accommodate budget or at the Producers request.

Sound Design Suite

The Midi/Sound Design Suite is where we create sound FX and music beds for film, electronic music, or virtual orchestral and choral arrangements. We also do many other applications that involve virtual instruments or the arrangement of organic instruments in a digital realm. Within this suite, we run ProTools, Ableton Live, Reason, and many of the other industry standard programs needed to create and design sound.